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Country: South Africa
Course Title: Academic Literacy for Economic and Management Sciences
Course Number: 111
Course Description: The focus of this module is to promote academic literacy for economics with an economic thought approach (to think like economists). Students are provided with the opportunity:  to use economics to solve meaningful problems and understand the art of the logic of economics;  to practice the skills and analysis that are fundamental to participating in economics debate and decision making;  to apply basic critical thinking skills through critical listening, reading and writing of economics texts (i.e. deductive reasoning, analyse economic policies, construct arguments and support them, interpret different kinds of economic text (i.e. Adam Smith; Popper, Malthus); understand academic vocabulary, interpret the use of analogies and metaphors in the context of social coordination, individualism, self-  interest; understand the market as a system; understand voluntary exchange, profit, process and incentives, to read and interpret information presented in graphic or visual format (demand and supply curves); Economic and Management Sciences 259  to explain their thinking and constructively critique the thinking of others;  to focus on organising information logically; select important information and reduce it to a form that is easy to study and review. Students will further acquire the basic knowledge, skills and attitudes to become successful EMS students by understanding the university ethos, by developing academic readiness and personal management skills such as study, time and stress management. Home department: Economic and Management Sciences (General)
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: ECON ----
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