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Country: China
Course Title: Economic Development
Course Number: ECON 038
Course Description: The past century witnessed an unprecedented scale of economic growth and development in the history of humankind. In the meantime, however, issues in developing countries such as poverty, gender inequality, population growth, high fertility, poor health care system, limited access to education, still exist and will probably continue to exist for a long time. What are the causes of poverty and inequality from an economic perspective? Why do certain development programs and strategies contribute to economic growth in some countries but only lead to failures or even disasters in other countries? How can a nation improve the economic, political and social well- being of its people? These are complex and controversial questions and we cannot hope to address them thoroughly in one semester. Despite that, we intend for students to acquire the knowledge and tools needed to critically think about these issues. We will introduce in this course the basic
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: ECON 360
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Attachment Files: ECON-038.pdf

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