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Country: Russia
Course Title: Abnormal and Clinical Psychology: Social and Cultural Contexts
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Course Description: The following course is an introduction to topics in abnormal psychology and clinical psychology, including the classification and etiology of common mental disorders, psychological assessment and treatment. Topics will be examined through a critical, cultural, socio-ecological, as well as a historical and biological lens. Acculturation processes and immigrant mental health research is also discussed. The course is designed to give students a broad overview of the field of clinical and abnormal psychology, and may be useful background for students who are interested in eventually pursuing mental health related research from a social or cultural perspective, or those who simply wish to have a better conceptual grasp of the field. As an introductory course, no specific prerequisites are required, although students are expected to have been exposed to material in introductory psychology undergraduate courses and may benefit from having some previous exposure to social and cultural psychology.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: psyc 325
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