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Country: Cyprus
Institution: University of Nicosia
Course Title: Photography I
Course Number: DES-260
Course Description: The main objectives of the course are to: • Introduce students to the basic aspects of photographic technology. • Demonstrate the use of studio light and how to work in the studio. • Apply technical knowledge gained in the first weeks of the course to communicating ideas through their photographs. • Formulate anthe basis for aesthetic and critical thinking in photography. • Formulate a broader understanding of photography and its relation to contemporary art, design, communication and advertising. • Explore how photography can be used as a useful tool for developing a visual research practice. • Engage in constructive critical discourse of each other’s work. • Demonstrate a consistency and coherency in photographic language skills. • Apply appropriate problem solving and editing skills necessary for developing a creative photographic practice.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: AVT 253
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