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Country: Germany
Course Title: Accounting and Capital Markets
Course Number: ACC60100
Course Description: Accounting is one of the rare sources of company-specific financial information publicly available to external stakeholders such as debt and equity investors. International standard setters such as the IASB therefore increasingly focus on the decision usefulness of accounting information for these groups of users. The rise of fair value accounting, increased disclosure requirements and strengthened enforcement mechanisms are notable outcomes of this development. But there are also many concerns: Did current accounting rules and practices contribute to the emergence of market bubbles and the recent financial crisis? Do we need more conservative financial reporting? Does the current one size fits it all approach still make sense – or do we rather need industry-specific accounting standards? To allow students to answer these and other questions, this module aims at introducing the theoretical foundations of how and why market participants react to the disclosure of financial accounting information, including brief discussions of
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: ACCT 370
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