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Country: Australia
Course Title: Advanced Calculus
Course Number: MATH13217
Course Description: In this unit, you will study topics in multivariable calculus - differential and integral calculus as applied to scalar and vector functions of more than one variable. After reviewing vectors and the geometry of space, you will investigate derivatives and integrals of vector functions with applications to arc length, curvature of space curves and motion in space. Partial differentiation is studied by defining limits and continuity in two dimensions, and is used to define tangent planes, linear approximations and differentials. The chain rule is developed for functions of more than one variable as well as directional derivatives and the gradient vector, which leads into multivariate optimisation with and without constraints. You will study multiple integrals by expanding the concept of single variable integrals to double and triple integrals which are evaluated as iterated integrals.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Math 213
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