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Country: Costa Rica
Institution: Universidad Veritas
Course Title: Gender and Sustainability
Course Number: SUSD 3100
Course Description: This course will explore and analyze the intersectionality between gender, socio-economic discrimination and sustainable development. There will be a special emphasis on the Latin American region and in particular the case study of Costa Rica. The local and regional cases studies will be put in their global, historical and present day contexts. Students will finish the course with a profound understanding of the situation of Latin American and Caribbean women in relation to the environment and gender dynamics. Major challenges, advances and the overall unfolding of sustainability with the key axis of equality will lead the discussion. This is a social studies and sustainability course, it is elective, theoretical and practical and responds to the professional formation questions: What is the environmental problematic in relation to gender and how are the issues being confronted within the merging contexts of the sustainable development goals? What are the case study advances and
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: WMST 318
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