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Country: United Kingdom
Course Title: A Global History of Britain
Course Number: 0ZSS0182
Course Description: Global British studies offers a new innovative approach to the study of Britain in a global context over the past two centuries. This was a period when Britain emerged as the centre of the largest empire in history and a major global power. It is now taken for granted that Britains influence left a profound mark on the rest of the world, but how did the rest of the world change Britain? This module seeks to challenge the assumption that Britain simply made the modern world, and instead encourages students to explore the complex ways in which Britain was moulded by its global connections at home. This module seeks to examine the global forces that transformed the lives of ordinary men and women at home. Students will be encouraged to critically unravel the ways in which these global forces through the British Empire impacted British politics, culture and society.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Hist 388
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