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Country: Sweden
Course Title: Africa South of Sahara: Political Development and Conflicts
Course Number: 1FU141
Course Description: The course is designed to give an entry point into some of the broad themes and political challenges in contemporary Sub­Saharan Africa. Broadly, the course considers the legacy of colonialism, the cold war and global development, the making and fragility of the African state, governance issues, the challenges for democratization process – and the social tensions emerging from countries in the midst of rapid transformation from mainly agrarian to “modern” and mainly urban societies. The conflicts and efforts to build post­conflict societies are analyzed within a multilevel analytical framework, including actors/processes/ structures on local, national, regional and international level. Aid and aid policies related to political development and conflicts will be analyzed. In addition, a few case studies that touch on "hot topics" in recent African politics are examined, the debate on the shrinking political space, the role of China/Brics in Africa and natural resource exploitation.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: GOVT 444, GOVT 398
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