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Country: United Kingdom
Institution: University of York
Course Title: 18th Century Keyboard & Chamber Music Performance
Course Number: MUS00076I
Course Description: This project will examine repertoire both from the 'High Baroque', especially with composers such as Bach, Handel and Telemann, and from the Enlightenment (CPE Bach, Quantz, Haydn) to the Classical period (Haydn, Mozart, early Beethoven). We will study primary and secondary sources for Performance Practise focusing on Rhetorical structures, figures and ornamentation; articulation; rhythmic alteration; tempo freedom; organology and instrumental techniques pitch and temperament. There will be group workshops as well as individual coaching. Module learning outcomes By the end of the taught part of the module all students should: be familiar with the main chamber works of the principal composers under examination have developed an understanding of the compositional techniques and performance expectations in the representative scores of each composer have developed an awareness of the stylistic changes in the career of these composers broadened their knowledge of issues concerning the stylistic individuality of each composer have developed an
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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