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Country: United Kingdom
Institution: University of York
Course Title: ‘Something just broke’: the musicals of Stephen Sondheim
Course Number: MUS00139C
Course Description: No musical theatre writer has been more revered and more reviled than Stephen Sondheim. His work is considered intellectual enough for the opera house and the academy, but too emotionally cold for Broadway success. This module will examine his major works and the critical issues surrounding this notoriously “worthy” composer-lyricist. The study of musical theatre necessitates an interdisciplinary approach, and the course will incorporate elements of theatre and performance studies, literary criticism, and historiography, alongside musical analysis and musicology pertaining to sexuality, gender and race. Selected works will receive in-depth focus to provide a model for students’ own further research. Screenings will be arranged to facilitate the required viewings between seminars.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: INTS 399
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