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Country: United Kingdom
Institution: University of York
Course Title: "We, the People": Ideas of Democratic Representation from Rousseau to Occupy
Course Number: POL00030H
Course Description: Political representation lies at the core of modern politics. But the question of the nature and purpose of representative government, especially in its democratic form, remains far from settled. Is representative democracy a contradiction in terms? Is it a "defective substitute" for real democracy, a mere modern reinvention of the "mixed constitutions" of the past, combining both popular and elitist elements in what remains an unstable hybrid form that is showing signs of coming apart? Or does representative democracy constitute a new and possibly superior democratic form of its own? And, if so, what makes it distinctive? How do citizens achieve representation - through voting, through the groups, voluntary associations and movements that voice their claims, or through deliberative processes producing results with the hallmark of rationality and fairness? This module provides a broad exploration of these questions by drawing on the intellectual history of representative government, in both its
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: GOVT 327
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