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Country: United Kingdom
Institution: University of York
Course Title: Acting
Course Number: TFT00013C
Course Description: This module builds on the training work begun in the first term Introduction to Performance module, and both extends the ambition of that performance training and also starts to explore the challenges of characterisation in a sampling of plays from different periods, as well as the demands of ensemble work. It will aim to equip you with preparatory techniques, which will allow you to use rehearsal time to best advantage. It will also develop further the explorations, in Term 1’s Introduction to Performance, of various schools of acting theory, practice, and training, into more detailed theatre history case-studies of particular instances of the application of specific methodologies to performance. Simultaneously, it will train you in writing analytical accounts reflecting on your own rehearsal processes.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: THR 310, THR 210
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