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Country: Spain
Course Title: 2 and 3D Animation
Course Number: 25141
Course Description: The course will address the following topics: Introduction. Brief historical introduction. Main animation techniques. Straight ahead and pose to pose. Timing and spacing. Frames per second (FPS). Traditional animation. Animation pose to pose. Intercalation Keyframes, inbetweens and frames. Digital animation. Time line and keyframes. Interpolation (position, rotation, scale). Uniform speed, acceleration y decelerations. Animation charts. Movement guides. Timing and basic principles of animation. Straight ahead animation (Stopmotion). Audio in animation. Formats. Analysis of the wave. Synchronization. Experimental animation (Motion Graphics) Process, methodology and final project. Preproduction Production Postproduction
Language: Spanish
Approved Equivalent: AVT 382
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Attachment Files: 25141_en23d.pdf

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