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Country: Netherlands
Course Title: Advanced Network Programming
Course Number: XB_0048
Course Description: The course covers recent advancements in networking technologies in general purpose computing (e.g., data center, cloud computing). The course is split into two themes: End-host networking and network infrastructure. In the end-host networking theme, students will learn about internals of the Linux networking stack, challenges associated with delivering high performance network I/O operations (100+ Gbps bandwidth, millions of network operations/sec, many/multi core scalability) etc... The second theme of the course will be focused on recent development in the network infrastructure. Students will learn about the architecture of the network inside a large-scale data center of companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft, new ways of architecting a computer network (software-defined networking), technologies for improved network programmability and how to utilize these new technologies to build new applications/services.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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