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Country: Argentina
Course Title: Fundamentos De Contabilidad
Course Number: A024
Course Description: Understand the importance of economic-financial information and non-financial information in private and public organizations, both for internal management and to inform interested third parties. • Value the role of accounting as a key element of the entities' information system for making operational, managerial and strategic decisions. • Identify key accounting issues, major accounting concepts, and understand the relationship between these issues and concepts and accounting standards. • Know the characteristics of accounting processing and the double entry mechanism and master everything related to accounting records, in particular the processes of classification, recognition, measurement, presentation and disclosure. • Prepare the four fundamental financial statements: statement of financial position, statement of income, statement of evolution of equity, and statement of cash flow. • Analyze and interpret the information contained in the financial statements. • Know some basic concepts of managerial accounting and become familiar with ITS USE.ENGLI
Language: Spanish
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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