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Country: Argentina
Course Title: MATEMATICA I
Course Number: C030
Course Description: Review: Functions. Review of elementary functions: exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric. Composition of functions. Inverse function. Chapter 1: Limit and continuity. If mite concept. Limit of a function. Algebra of limits. Lateral limits. Continuous function at one point. Discontinuity. Algebra of continuous functions. Continuity in a set. Bolzano's theorem. Chapter 2: Derivatives. Slope of a curve. Derivative concept. Reeta tangent to the graph of a function. Derivatives of elementary functions: polynomials, trigonometric, exponential. Algebra of derivation. Chain rule. Derivative of the inverse function. Derivatives of the logarithm and trigonometric inverses. Taylor polynomial. Chapter 3: Extremes. Maximum and minimum theorems. Mean value theorem. Increasing and decreasing functions. Application problems. Chapter 4: Function graphs. Derivatives of a higher order. Curvature of a function: concavities. Rule of L 'Hospital. Vertical and oblique asymptotes. Full function chart. Taylor polynomial. Chapter 5: Integration in a variable. Concept of primitive of a function. Calculation of primitives: Integration
Language: Spanish
Approved Equivalent: Math 113
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