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Country: Argentina
Course Title: Economía Internacional Monetaria
Course Number: E182
Course Description: Part 1: Tools Unit 1-Class 1: Accounting of the Balance of Payments (and of the Exchange Balance) Unit 2-Class 2 and 3: Rudiments in Open Economy without uncertainty: endowments and production Unit 3-Class 4 and 5: Rudiments in Open Economy with uncertainty. Unit 4-Classes 6 and 7: Rudiments in Open Economy infinite time. Part 2: Topics Unit 5- Classes 8 and 9: Fiscal Policy Unit 6 - Classes 10 and 11: Monetary Policy Unit 7- Lecture 12 and 13: Determinants of the real exchange rate Unit 8- Class 14: Balance of Payments Crisis
Language: Spanish
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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