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Country: Australia
Course Title: Chemical Reactions
Course Number: CHEM11044
Course Description: In this unit, you will learn practical chemistry applications including sample acquisition, chain-of-custody, storage, analysis and reporting. You will become familiar with laboratory compliance procedures, identify risks and appropriate risk-minimisation approaches. The theoretical concepts will include naming of compounds, electrochemistry and its applications, pH, acidity and buffering capacity of solutions, reaction rates and kinetics, organic reaction mechanisms, and basic atomic and molecular spectroscopy. This unit will set a strong foundation for studies in analytical and materials sciences, physical and interface chemistry. You will also be able to examine the energies associated with electrochemical reactions that underpin important processes such as electricity generation, renewable energies, corrosion and electroplating. Accompanying the theory, you will enhance your practical skills by learning the operation and maintenance of common instrumentation in the laboratory, and perform advanced titrations, measure soil acidity, and synthesise, and determine yield and purity of, organic products.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: CHEM 3--
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