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Country: Australia
Course Title: Organic Chemistry
Course Number: CHEM12080
Course Description: This unit will build on the organic chemistry aspects learnt in CHEM11044. In this unit, you will learn theoretical and practical chemistry applications in organic chemistry. You will become familiar with laboratory compliance procedures, interpret risks and appropriate risk-minimisation approaches. The theoretical concepts will include an overview of organic reactions, structural determinations using spectroscopy, benzene chemistry, carbonyl substitution and condensation reactions, amine and heterocyclic chemistry, and pericyclic reactions. Contents covered in this unit will provide a sturdy basis for studies in bio-organic chemistry, analytical and materials sciences, physical and interface chemistry. Contents covered in this unit will also allow you to be able to understand the implications of advanced organic chemistry associated with manufacturing, environment and medical fields.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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