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Country: Australia
Institution: University of Canberra
Course Title: Performance Skills 3
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Course Description: This unit deepens the second year students practice by challenging them to employ performance training techniques at an intermediate or developing level, further developing the skills and knowledge acquired in Performance Skills 2. The students will continue to refine their acting technique through the study and performance of complex scenes from classic and Shakespearean texts. They will apply previous learned techniques in the exploration of heightened language and emotions. The students will continue to refine their vocal technique through the extensive exploration of vocal range and the handling and presentation of classical text through performances of Shakespearean texts. The students will continue to engage in physical performance training to study the use of the body as an instrument of expression and power for acting and stage performance. They will be introduced to the theory of various 20th century models of performer training and preparation and their impact on contemporary forms
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: THR 320
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