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Country: Australia
Institution: University of Canberra
Course Title: Screen and TV Studies
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Course Description: The Screen and TV Studies unit is made up of three separate modules. In Screen Acting students will re-contextualise theory developed in previous acting units and develop a range of on-camera performance skills. Students will perform a monologue, duologue and casting scene as assessment tasks. Understanding screen production processes and demystifying film technology is empowering for actors. In Screen Production students develop screenwriting, camera, directing, sound recording and editing skills, culminating in a series of location showreel scenes. In Screen Studies students develop an understanding of historical and current screen industry influences to deepen their connection with industry, and empower them with the skills to remain current and actively engaged. Students are expected to research and reflect on the ideas covered in class in an academic blog.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: THR 410
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