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Country: Australia
Course Title: Criminalistics
Course Number: 65316
Course Description: This subject expands on the skills and discipline knowledge introduced in 65242 Principles of Forensic Science and complements the topics covered in 65342 Crime Scene Investigation. In this subject, students learn how to analyse, interpret, and report on common forensic traces including fingermarks, object impressions, bullets and firearm cartridges, and biological materials. Students also build an awareness of the complex and changing nature of analysis and interpretation in the modern forensic science laboratory, which forms the foundation for subsequent subjects in their course. Students gain hands-on experience with the appropriate analysis, interpretation and reporting of forensic traces through practical mock cases and workshop exercises. At the end of the subject, students learn how to apply their knowledge to the triage and analysis sequence of different traces, fundamental concepts for 65314 Complex Cases and a career in forensic science.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: FRSC 3---
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