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Country: Australia
Course Title: Organic Chemistry 2
Course Number: 65508
Course Description: The fundamental importance of organic compounds in all living organisms is highlighted in this subject. The relevance of organic chemistry to medicine, to agriculture, to nutrition and to our shared life on this planet is emphasised. The subject builds on previous studies of functional group reactions and spectroscopic techniques and illustrates applications of these concepts for organic synthesis. Topics covered include aromaticity and chemistry of benzene and heterocyclic compounds; carbanion chemistry and multi-step synthesis of new aromatic compounds; chemistry of phenols and aryl halides; palladium-catalysed coupling reactions and modern synthetic methods used in academia and industry; molecular orbital theory, pericyclic reactions and 1,3-dipolar [2+3] cycloadditions. The subject also emphasises the practical applications of organic chemistry in the synthesis of many important compounds. Chemical research literacy in organic chemistry is implemented, using SciFinder Scholar, with an emphasis on differentiating and using chemical literature. In the laboratory, students have the opportunity to
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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