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Country: Australia
Course Title: Introduction to Computer Game Design
Course Number: 31262
Course Description: Designing computer games is a challenging task. It is not as simple as just having an idea or jumping straight into coding or creating visual assets without a plan. A high-quality game design must be well structured and documented, carefully crafted for a specific target audience, communicated and negotiated with a team of other designers, scoped to be implementable by a given team of developers within time constraints, and evaluated and iterated on many times until a finely tuned game experience emerges. A professional game designer is an engineer of entertainment. Thus, in this subject, students will be taught the theoretical concepts and practical methodologies needed to ideate, communicate, implement, and improve upon your designs. In this way, students will learn to combine their existing software and game development skills with creativity and iterative design thinking to craft compelling interactions between players and the system of rules that govern them.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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