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Country: Australia
Course Title: Children's Literature for Primary School
Course Number: 028213
Course Description: This subject focuses on the scope and uses of children's literature in the primary classroom. Focusing on picture books, chapter books, novels, poetry and emerging digital texts, students critically analyse key aspects of literary theory including narrative theory, metafiction, intertextuality, and genre. Students examine the uses of children's literature, with specific reference to social issues, conceptualisations of childhood and adolescence, subjectivity and gender, as well as visual and oral texts, the classics and canonic texts. Students explore strategies on how to implement relevant syllabus documents through a range of teaching/learning strategies to the different stages of learning in the primary school which strengthen and extend children's composing and comprehending of spoken and written language. Students also identify and explore the role of assessment in the context of teaching literature in the primary school.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: ELED 258
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