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Country: Australia
Course Title: Waste and Society
Course Number: ARTS2243
Course Description: This course introduces you to the historical, social and cultural implications of the wastes generated by human society. Dimensions and topics you study include: life cycles of materials, how we make knowledge about waste, the social implications of waste management technologies, 'legacy' issues and the 'colonisation of the future' by wastes. Our waste stream examples include plastics, water and sewage, nuclear materials, industrial sea dumping, international trade in toxic wastes, domestic landfill, and the creation of 'wastelands' and contaminated sites. You explore solutions to the generation of wastes by studying the precautionary principle, environmental justice, international waste conventions and treaties, and regulatory and community responses to waste. Creative 'visioning exercises' assist you to explore alternative futures for waste and society.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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Attachment Files: ARTS2243_2020_3.pdf

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