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Country: Australia
Course Title: Physical Oceanography
Course Number: MSCI3001
Course Description: Ocean motion and the movement of heat, nutrients and other properties have direct impacts on climate and weather, coastal infrastructure and marine species. In this course, we dive into how the ocean works. From the East Australian Current to the global conveyor belt, and from eddies to beach waves. We will cover the dynamics and properties of ocean water and the way those are measured, and apply it to problems like El Nino, coral bleaching, the great garbage patches and Global Warming. The main aim of the course is to give the students an understanding of some of the important and often counterintuitive processes that occur in the ocean, and how the physical system interacts with and controls marine biology and the climate system. While the course does not require advanced mathematics, the course does require some basic mathematics.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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