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Country: Australia
Course Title: Ecosystem Conservation & Management
Course Number: BIOS2123
Course Description: This course has an intensive field trip component to the internationally important and spectacular Macquarie Marshes where you will sample wetland environments and learn about river management. The course takes students to the upper catchment of the Macquarie River and the major dam that regulates the river. After this, students will visit an irrigation property, before spending several days in the Macquarie Marshes, surveying and meeting key stakeholders who manage the Macquarie Marshes. The course focuses on advanced, practical management of environmental flows in rivers of the Murray-Darling Basin and conservation of endangered species and habitats endemic to Australia. Students will participate in the monitoring of wetland species, understanding conservation management and practical field skills required in monitoring environments. Practical training will include consideration of the implementation of conservation programs, including the social, institutional and logistical constraints placed on conservation management strategies.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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