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Country: Australia
Course Title: Environmental Change
Course Number: GEOS3761
Course Description: Imagine a world of wildly escalating temperatures, apocalyptic flooding, devastating storms and catastrophic sea level rise. This might sound like a prediction for the future or the storyline of a new Hollywood blockbuster but it is something quite different: it’s our past. When we’re bombarded with worrying forecasts for the future, it seems hard to believe that such things could come to pass. Yet almost everywhere we turn, the landscape is screaming out that the world is a capricious place. But if we don’t tune in, the message is lost. In a day and age of environmental crises, we need to urgently decipher the past and learn from it.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: GGS 399
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Attachment Files: GEOS3761 Course Guide 2021.pdf

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