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Country: Australia
Course Title: Economics and the Environment
Course Number: 2281ENV
Course Description: This course focuses upon the relationship between the natural environment and economic systems. It includes both the analysis and understanding of human economy impacts upon the natural systems that support it, as well as, approaches for the sustainable management of natural resources. The role of economics in the various decision-making approaches relevant to environmental resources is outlined. The content covers the major concepts and specific methods for the economic assessment of costs and benefits of ecosystems and other natural resources. The course also highlights concepts and theory for the economic analysis and policy for the sustainable management of both renewable and non-renewable resources. It covers and compares the contributions of both mainstream economic extensions as well as broader sustainability sciences such as ecological economics. Prerequisite: Completion of 80CP. Incompatible: 2281ENV Economics and Natural Resources, 2281AES Economics and Natural Resources.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: Pending For Approval
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