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Country: Australia
Course Title: Police, Courts and Criminal Law
Course Number: 1012CCJ
Course Description: Police Courts and Criminal Law explains the law and procedural processes which govern the way crimes are investigated, tried and punished in Australia. It begins by considering some general principles of criminal responsibility such as the aims and functions of the criminal law and its sources. The legal principles guiding police investigations are examined, including police powers and responsibilities, the rights of suspects, and the importance of obtaining reliable and admissible evidence. Finally, students learn about the ways cases can progress through the court system, from initial charge to final sentence. The course focuses primarily on the Queensland criminal justice system. Other jurisdictions are examined in passing, and general principles are common to all Australian systems. Prerequisites: NIL Co-requisites: NIL Incompatible : CCJ12 Police, Courts and Criminal Law
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: CRIM 490
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