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Country: Japan
Institution: Waseda University
Course Title: Advanced Topics in Political Science: The Far Right Today [E] 01
Course Number: POLX301L
Course Description: In this course the focus is on the fourth wave, i.e. the contemporary far right of the early 21st century. While the geographical scope is global, particularly in terms of theoretical issues, much of the examples will be from (Western) Europe, which remains the stronghold of far-right party politics. We will discuss the history, ideology, organization, people, activities, causes, consequences of the far right as well as the responses to it. Moreover, we will pay specific attention to the gender aspects of the far right, which are essential yet often overlooked. We will devote the last part of the course to the far right in the US, which has long been ignored by academia and media alike but has taken the spotlight in recent years because of the rise of Donald Trump.
Language: English
Approved Equivalent: GOVT 329
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